Burning Salt


by Anna Mockler

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Table of Contents

Noah: How Long Can You Tread Water?
Seattle Quartet: Winter (Christ how the Small Rain)
Dig in My Garden
Are You Listening?
Seattle Quartet: Spring (When Lilacs Last)
Sarah and Owen, Three Stories:
    Painting Wallpaper
    Pledge Week
Seattle Quartet: Summer (O Light of Summer)
They Never Were Talking
Embassy Club
Tow Truck
Is It Rats Singing?
Seattle Quartet: Autumn (Bare Ruin'd Choirs)
Burning Salt

About the Book

This debut collection comprises seventeen short stories that give voice to otherwise voiceless souls. A homeless couple hears rats singing from the sewer outfalls. A towtruck driver loses his manhood when his wife jilts him and recovers it over the body of a dead rattlesnake. A dressmaker returns home after a lakeside summer fills her eyes with diamonds. Two children's village rejects them when their mother is labeled a communist. A young woman on her first furlough from a mental hospital scatters her medication like seeds in her sister's garden. The spectral caretakers of final memories listen to what was left unsaid, to the stories that linger around lonely corpses. The publication of Burning Salt is supported by a grant from the Seattle Arts Commission.

Copyright © 2004, Anna Mockler

BURNING SALT by Anna Mockler
short story collection, 2004
perfect bound, paper
168 pages, $12.95
ISBN 0971896720