The Last Woro Woro to Treichville

A West African Memoir

by Sibyl James

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About the Book

What begins as inconvenience—the minor hazards of getting her electricity turned on, acquiring furniture, of riding in a taxi and getting food from the market—progressively become indications of a society in perpetual collapse. The Last Woro Woro to Treichville, a memoir of Sibyl James’ year in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire as a Fulbright professor, reveals a culture that is at once beautiful—the red dirt, the myriad frogs in the rainy seasons, the games of small children, and the dances of adults—and simultaneously broken: the dorms at the university are unlivable, the university lawn cordoned off with barbed wire to prevent people from destroying the grass. It doesn’t take a failed coup to reveal the absurdity of a society at odds with itself; it’s apparent in the details of everyday life.