Weimar X 2

Images and Poems

by Lucien Swerdloff and Karin Temple

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About the Book

Weimer X 2 is a collaboration between Karin Temple, a native of Germany, and Lucien Swerdloff, a Jewish New Yorker. They explore the dichotomies of word and image, male and female, English and German, and ultimately, of civilization and barbarism.  The book is a collection of photos of doors in Weimar overlayed with images of faces, art work, even mathmatical equations then paired with Temple's poems. The poems and images together are startling, complex and ultimately beautiful in their humanness and grace. "Weimar is a city of opposites, like the human condition... like the universe," the authors write in the prologue. By its very nature, Weimar X 2 suggests the indestructibility of art even in the worst of times.

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