StringTown Magazine is now accepting submissions online!


Thank you for your interest in StringTown. Hopefully, these guidelines will help you with the submission process.

Please, make all attempts to review a copy of the magazine before submitting. StringTown is available at independent bookstores throughout Oregon and Washington. You can also send us a check for $12.50 with an order form, and we will mail you a copy.

All submissions should have page numbers, the author's name, and the name of piece on every page of the manuscript. Include an email address. Prose should be double spaced. Poetry should be single spaced with blank lines for stanza breaks.

If you intend a blank line, such as a stanza break or a break in narrative, and it appears at the end of the page, please indicate.

When mailing in your submission, please include an SASE with your manuscript for query purposes. If you want your manuscript returned, please include enough postage. Please include a cover letter with a brief biographical statement. We are equally interested in printing works from unpublished writers as we are in printing work from well-known writers.

Ask us anything via email or on our Contact Us page, but please do not send submissions via email or the contact form. If you wish to submit electronically, you can do so at our Submittable page (

We are most happy to read dark, legible type. However, if a pen and piece of paper are all you have, by all means, send your manuscript.

We read manuscripts throughout the year and try to respond within six months. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know immediately if someone else accepts your piece.

Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, novel excerpts or a form all your own are acceptable. Submissions containing one story/essay or three to five poems is generally appropriate. We are also open to art work, but keep in mind we have a minuscule budget.

StringTown pays two copies of the magazine for published pieces. After publication in StringTown Magazine, all rights revert to the author.

About StringTown Press: Our focus is on Northwest authors, and to that extent, we publish a limited amount of work from outside the Northwest—generally, only around 25% of the authors in a given issue will be outside of the Northwest. We are not currently considering unsolicited book-length manuscripts.

We look forward to reading your work. Do let us know where you heard about StringTown.