Issue #3, 2000

Price: $4.50


Table of Contents

Jean Esteve, Bulletin
Daniel Petty, I'm Not Sure
Steve Babcock, For the Judges
Polly Buckingham, The Fairy
Paul Haas, Way Down Deep in Davy Jones' Locker
Bink Owen, An Early Lesson
Judith Skillman, Ahe Abbess
Christine Beyer, Descending into the Arid
Gloria Olchowy, A Dream Wedding
Caroline Allen, Cat got your tongue?
Judith Skillman, In Sickness
David Metzgar, He Would Know
Nils Coleman, Idyll Poem
Carolyn Maddux, Rod Run to the End of the World
Matt Briggs, Reverse Order
Nico Vassilakis, 7 Steps of Love

M. Kettner, Spring's Swollen Feet
Kristin Lyttle, Addiction
Judith Skillman, Evil Eye
Anne Splane Phillips, SleepDriving
Dave Thornbrugh, The Creature from the Black Lagoon
Aaron Brand, May Day Grocery List
Ken Waldman, To Move
Martha Clarkson, Layover in Denver
Carol Rain Hagy, The Friendly City
Karin Temple, Ode to Rutabagas
Karin Temple, The Ballad of Eschede
Judith Skillman, The Mandala
Jeffrey Gerhardstein, The New Rome, Built in a Day (excerpt)


The New Rome, Built in a Day

Igloos and yurts. Bisexuals and mopeds.
Vague yearning for anisette and olives,

a statue of Julius Caesar spouting

a fountain of red wine, phone calls
on Vespas circling the Colosseum at 60 MPH.

Rebuild! Spanish Steps be damned!

Relocate the gelato vendors,
plug the Tiber, moat the Vatacan.

It looks like aquarium blueprints.

Open sewers and scooters. Humidity and stone.
Cobbled freeways with toll booths.

Coin-takers humming accordian klezmer music.

Cheap hotels ring the new city
with swimming pools and phone sex.

This Rome's hemmed in by iron gables,
gatekeepers hand out a pamphlet,

"How to Avoid Herpes in the New Rome."

Bisexuals live in yurts and subsist on ice cream
while tourists sketch them with crayons.

Grandfatherly gladiators lead tour groups
through a watery maze.

Saluto, Pope.

Why would the pope swim with sea anemones?
Has he not read the pamphlet?

He's designing porticos and archipelagoes.
A statue of Peter Pan. Make that St. Peter Pan.