Issue #4, 2001

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Table of Contents

Steve Cleveland, Hansel and Gretel
Jean Esteve, Migration
Jan Priddy, Patience
James Bertolino, Turn
Anita K. Boyle, Bamboo Equals Loon
Roger Hayes, rockface
Brittney Corrigan, Island
Lisa Roullard, Before
Elizabeth McLagan, The Way They Take Over
Anita K. Boyle, Scent of Lavender
Karen Temple & Lucien Swerdloff, excerpt from Weimar x 2
Dan Raphael, the world is whirling
Scott Poole, Cold Room
Steve Cleveland, The Toast
Greg Hischak, Tenants

John Whalen, Delivery
Scott Poole, Why I Love My Garage Door Opener (excerpt)
John Grey, This Stage in Our Relationship
Mike White, On Vacation
Roger Hayes, peaks
Greg Chaimov, A Small Gift
Lisa Roullard, Instant Replay
Roger Hayes, rocks
James Dott, Visitation
David Jordan, Deadline
Janet Corley, High Plateau
Roger Hayes, rockrow
Polly Buckingham, The Capacity of a Dog to Be Still
Steve Cleveland, So This
Jan Priddy, Botany Lab


Scott Poole

Why I Love My Garage Door Opener

I don't know if this is a cure
for dumbness
but I decided to grow corn,

rows of it, in my garage.
I dug up the floor, hung
special lights and slipped
in a tape of crickets.
I painted the ceiling black
and stuck it with fluorescent stars.

Then I felt smart, lying
in between the rows, dreaming
of Kansas. But then the cricket tape turned
over to the whale side and when

I heard that sub-ocean groaning
I felt dumb again under all that noisy grace.
But whales, I thought,
might dream of corn and that made me feel
smart and outrageously happy.

For hours I opened and closed
the garage door believing I was
behind the eye of a great intelligent beast.