Issue #9, 2006

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Table of Contents

Constellation, Sandra Meade (excerpt)
Neck of the Woods, Gregory Hischak
Two Drunks by a River, Nils Coleman
Living in Books, Bethany Reid
An Evening at the Tennis Club, Elizabeth Myhr
The Tooth Feary (comic strip), Rachel Scheiner
Heaven in a Bottle, Rick Borsten
Like Kryptonite, Robert Hasselblad
The First Temptation, Bethany Reid
silver, Veronica Stroud
Afternoons at Home, Elizabeth Myhr
Tree Frog, Bethany Reid
Gigging Frogs, Ed Stover
Goats, Larry Crist
Blue is the Color of Hope (acrylic on canvas), Caroline Allen
Mule Mountains, Caleb Barber
Rosetta, Gregory Hischak
Things to do inside on a rainy day, Angela Teater
And I Know This, Kelly Hunt

Three Graces (oil on canvas), Caroline Allen
, Maya Jewell Zeller
Military Manoeuvres, 1891, Janée Baugher
Elegy for a Clown, Sandra Meade
shoes, drawn by Sandra Meade
First Week of School, Debra Borchert
Picking Up, Michael Dylan Welch
unclasped, Ann Tweedy
Why Did Sister Veronica Really Call?, Kathleen Zamboni McCormick
Imagining Heaven, Bethany Reid
Feathered Dreamkeeper, Sandra Meade
feather, drawn by Sandra Meade
Getting My Life Back, Sue Pace
Clothed Woman Sketch (charcoal), Caroline Allen
First Rain, Bob Daniels
If the Shoe, Robert Hasselblad
Starfish Café, Emily Lupita Plum
Little China Doll, Angela Jane Fountas (excerpt)


Sandra Meade


Under the radiant moon cup
moonlit beasts
at the star sky tree.
Fallen Leaves
pale white, reflect light
and distant fires.
Here all limbs are limbs and one.
We turn and shine in the dark white slow dance.

The great white ox bows,
moves the mountains of his shoulders
toward morning.

Angela Jane Fountas

Little China Doll

I don't know what people who look like me look like. I'm adopted. So I've always wanted to have a baby, ever since I was six. That's when I asked my mom where babies came from and if I came from her belly and she said no.

I tried to convince my first boyfriend, but he was sixteen and not into the idea at all. He said something to his mother who took me to Planned Parenthood to get on the pill and then made him break up with me.

So I decided to date older men, but twenty-one-year-olds weren't any more into the family way than sixteen-year-olds, and I wasn't going any higher than that then.

My freshman year of college, I did a lot of bars and parties. My mom and dad met at a bar their freshman year. And my aunt Peg and Uncle Paul met at a frat party. This year things are getting critical. I'm a junior.

My girlfriend Kim is like, “You could so get pregnant if you want to.” But I don't want to do it like that. It's enough that I wasn't wanted. I don't want to have a kid who isn't wanted, even if it's wanted by me. That's not enough want.

So I take out a personal ad.

Twenty-year-old, female, adoptee looking for male adoptee to mate with to see what someone who looks like us looks like. Long-term relationship a must since it might take more than one. Serious replies only.

... (continued in magazine issue)